1989 – 1997 . Predominantly small size paintings: landscapes, portraits, and objects. One of my first and accomplished portraits was created in 1992. On a night of 1997, while I was pregnant, I took my material and placed myself in front of the port in order to paint the boats in the yellow light of the streetlights.

1998 . For the first time I paint on a big canvas in preparation for the order placed by an architect. The painting would hang in the entrance hall of a new building. This painting would be an inflexion point in the evolution of my art, because I integrate for the first time subjectivity in the form of written poems and I divide the composition for the first time.

1999 . I look around me, brush in hand and a blank canvas, in the middle of a noisy street. I have to paint what this city, this place, suggests me: and so I paint the noises, the cars… This painting wins a prize in the outdoor painting contest and will be the precursor of the series Funnels.

2000 . Again, I look around me with brush in hand and a blank canvas in the middle of a noisy street. This time I do not paint the noises and cars. I instead paint beyond what is immediately perceptible. I choose a colourful imaginative idealization that wins another prize.

2004 . Work on the spontaneity of the act of painting and discovery of the playful dimension of creation. I place myself in front of the blank canvases with no previous idea. The idea takes shape from the moment I paint the first lines in the center of the canvas. Then I paint outwards, splitting up the composition at the same time. What interests me most is the graphic quality of the design and not only the ludic dimension of the experience. These works are the precursors of Abstraction.

2007 . I unfold the remaining canvas from its roll in order to cut it for painting. But suddenly I have an idea; I experience a sudden burst of inspiration. I hurry out of my studio to look for what I need which is a long surface for painting. I carry this heavy table about a hundred meters up to my studio. This is the start of San Cristobal. Later on I would fragment San Cristobal into several canvases instead of one.

2009 . I continue to work on San Cristobal. I explore materials transformed by erosion and human action as time goes by. I consider attentively everything that is old and battered.

I run by chance into a sumptuous mansion in ruins in the north of Spain. This discovery has a profound impact on me and in my following trips to Italy, United States and Canary Islands I go on looking for dwellings in ruins, and I begin painting them.

2010 . New studio. I now have a bigger space that allows me to paint on bigger sizes.

I am interested in objects and their connection with people.

Hiking is a means of inspiration for me. I observe path changes from day to day, from season to season.

2011 . I continue to explore transformations. I have painted several works about change in a particular environment that often occur from moment to moment or from one day to the following week… The series titled Cadences.

I hang on my studio walls big thick linen canvases and begin painting « Harangues » inspired by the Arab Spring and other subjects that are of worry to me.

2012 . My color palette varies to reds, yellows, greens and blacks and I experiment with mixed media. My painting becomes more realistic.

My approach returns to kaleidoscopic geometrical drawings and botanical and human representation in smaller canvases.

I have decided to open my studio to the public to allow visitors and students.