FluorescenceWhen I hike in the mountains, the singular shape of plants and flowers stir up my wonder. And I cannot wait to paint and collect these intriguing shapes that I discover incessantly. These collection of small size paintings set up a flower and plant mosaic.


enriquitoEnriquito sits on his stool when he greets me, with a smile, in his workshop. We chat a little bit and then he lights his cigarette, stands up and resumes his work. And with the thousand noises and colours of his shambles, is the merry-go-round of smoke, radio howling, and sawdust…


transparencesWith this series I aspire to go beyond realistic representation, and show other images, only visible as reflections on the reflective surfaces of bottles, jars or glasses, in order to recreate the fascination which emanates of a hidden or mysterious world.


fonilI look around me, brush in hand and white canvas, in the middle of a noisy street. I have to paint what this city, this place suggests me: and I paint noises, cars everywhere, a chaotic downtown… This canvas was to be the first of the series.


camuflagesFirstly, I have filled the surfaces with color, with the firm intention of not touching the background anymore. Then, the theme of the compositions has presented themselves to me as an evidence: characters living and surviving in a colored untreated space, and at the same time, vertiginous, glowing.


trappsI go down dozens of stairs, along winding corridors and through numerous security passageways in order to swoop into New York subway, as hundreds of other persons. I have the impression that we are somehow trapped in this underground anthill.


entropieDriving fast past San Cristobal, I can grasp certain sections of the squeezed in constructions, where my sight lingers for an instant. While the ocean, limpid and horizontal, is always there as an undulating backcloth between the vertical washed-out buildings, damaged by the salt residue. The flat roofs are cluttered with piles of junk. This makes me think of entropy…


abstractoI enjoy indulging a little bit in fragmentation and geometrical shapes sometimes in my work. It is the case of this abstract painting… A chessboard, measured to the millimetre. I had the impulse of playing with brushes and colours. I abandoned the initial idea and let me carry away by the impulse of going beyond representation and paint what my intuition suggested me, in the limit of abstraction and evocation

Organic Cubicles

cubiculosThere is a narrow link between life style and dwelling. For this composition, I have chosen caverns because they exhale mystery and freshness at the same time. Also, I have played around imagining miscellaneous and wild-looking life styles. While I am painting, I play the part of stage-manager and I experiment with different sets, and I end up with a whole building of caverns.


ensonacionesA selection of works with an immaterial connexion… Just like our technological world, that interconnects us with an invisible net. Just like my inspiration, that constantly changes its strategy, that borrows imagery and topics from the most diverse sources. It’s a constant research for simultaneity of styles, techniques, patterns, in order to free my work from a fixed kind of representation, stringing together fantasy, visual pleasure, richness and contrasts, and vital “colorism”.