at_lpClasses and workshops 2016 * Drawing, painting and travel journals in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands


The particularly nice weather of the island makes it possible to enjoy painting outdoors the whole year round! The workshops are full day or half day. The starting point will be my two studios, one located in the old and colourful colonial district in Las Palmas and the other one in a natural environment with spectacular views of mountain scenery sloping down the northeast side of the island to the ocean.


OPTIONS. Three basic packages are proposed; the participants may choose the different possibilities at their convenience:


Art in town. Starting the day in the comfort of the studio, so that we can take the time for an initial stage, tackling some technical issues such as composition, perspective, etc. After that, we’ll go outdoors to the old district of Vegueta and tour different emblematic spots, making art that reflects the charm and authenticity of the locations and also each one’s personal style according to his or her sensitivity…

Art in that_mont1e summit. This time the focus will be in a context of nature; native flora will provide the colourful accents and the whimsical forms. We will make the best to convey in our work the emotions awaken by the beauty of a patch of wildlife, or from a breathtaking landscape…


Art by the sea, along a promenade at the ocean side that I like very much. There, we will admire the waves breaking on the rocks, a fishing harbour and marina, and a beach. We will work the different blue shades, how to draw and paint the waves, light and dark contrasts…

Three-day workshop. This option combines the three locations already described. It is more challenging than the preceding ones!


Art-making hours: full day: from 9.30am to 5pm (meal time from 12.30pm to 1.30pm) The “Art in the summit” days will span from 9am to 6pm approximately, because of the time of locomotion.

Half day: from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Please contact me for different time arrangements.


Rates: 100 € full day training / 60 € half-day training. Transportation included. As for the art supplies, each case will be treated separately. Meals not included (it is possible to bring a picnic or we could go to local restaurants, where we can try delicious local dishes)

Please contact me for group rates or for any question.